Negativity Group

Project and Programme management

Our programmes and projects team are Prince II practitioner and Agile qualified, we also have Mary Gober Psychology of customer support specialists in house working with the programmes team

Consultants and Specialists

Our consultants team are from a wide range of business sectors allowing us to utilise their expertise in researching your particular industry and provide the most appropriate advice. Affiliates and Partners!

Processes, poliicies and SOP's

Some of our staff have many years experience within the government and other agencies, this has provided us with a wealth of knowledge on best practice when refining processes, policies and standard operating procedures.

Previous clients

The team have worked with significant clients, ranging from the HMV store development team to deliver on schedule completed new stores across the UK to the installation and management of the audio and visual system of the London Eye and Tower of London. We built the first true high definition TV studio in the UK for Electronic Arts the famous games manufacturer, and even provided similar systems for the College of Policing and Home Office. Other projects include the roll out of new desktop systems for over 20,000 users and the background server system to support it, in fact there are not many area's that we have not been a part of, perhaps our most prestigious is the assistance of providing the disaster recovery plans and exercises for the Palace of Westminster, we are happy to discuss any level of assistance you require no matter how small with the same professionalism applied to our larger clients.

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